Sunday, 3 October 2010

A new Month

I see that we have a new - free - glossy mag in King's Lynn, called "KL Magazine" - I guess that's a case of "it does what it says on the tin". The most interesting article for me was the one on Captain Vancouver.

Before I moved here, I wondered why Lynn had a shopping center named after a place in Canada - and then I found out that the place in Canada was named after a son of Lynn - Captain George Vancouver. What I find really amazing about that time in our history was how people made those sorts of trips - if your only experience of the sea is the Wash and the North Sea, the wide Atlantic, and the truly HUGE distances involved in a trip like the Captain's just stagger the mind.

The last two early mornings (not that early, I'm talking 7am) have been really pretty here in Lynn. Although the days have been wet and wild, as I've come along the river at that time it's been crisp and bright - and both days with that really clean and rain-fresh smell that just makes it good to be alive. And then by mid-day it's raining again - ah well.