Monday, 27 December 2010

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A Cold December Day

Yesterday was pretty magical in King’s Lynn.

Unlike most of the rest of England, we do not have snow at the moment, but it has been VERY cold with temperatures not getting above freezing for several days. Yesterday morning it was slightly foggy, and when I went out in the back garden to put out some food for the birds, I was struck by the amazing effect of the frost on the bushes. Not only was each branch and twig white with frost, when you got up close you could see that the frost crystals were standing out clear and bright from the branches.

After breakfast I wrapped up warm and took went out for a walk, but even before I got out of the gate to our courtyard, I was stopped by the sight of the small cobwebs frozen like ribbons of pearls – even the small lichen on the stonework were picked out in frost.

By this time the fog was lifting, and although there was sun above me, across in West Lynn it still looked murky, but even so the trees on the other side of the river were bright white, and I could see frost on the other riverbank. Turning to walk along South Quay, I came to a stop by a tree in a neighbouring courtyard. I was aware this tree was there, but to be honest I could not have told you anything about it – but today it looks magnificent – full of red berries, and white frost, it just looked like something an artist had produced, much too perfect to be real.

Although it was below freezing, the air was still, and it was exhilarating to walk along the Quayside, watching the patches of ice flow downstream, the only sound being the crunch of my boots on the ice. As I came to the place where the Mill Fleet joins the main river, I stopped and looked over the bridge. The stream was running, but where the tide had receded, the banks of the river were sheets of ice, and the reeds and other plants standing in frozen status.

Along this part of the walk I came upon another tree that I would not normally have remarked on – but the sight of this small tree picked out in white against the old buildings here was spectacular – like some form of abstract art.

I walked down Nelson Street and round to Priory Lane, and here was an amazing “man-made” sight – from the top of a 2 story building all the way down to the pavement was a solid icicle – I have no idea where the water that made it was coming from, but it covered the whole wall and downstairs window – it must have been REALLY cold inside that room.

Walking on I then doubled back through the churchyard of St Margaret’s church, and as I walked under the trees it was almost as if snow was falling – but actually, it was the frost falling off the trees. At St Margaret’s I stopped to light a candle, and then carried on along Queen Street before completing the circuit to come back into our courtyard through the alley from Three Crowns Yard.

But even here was something new to look at – on the iron work gate the frost had formed horizontal spikes on one side only – I have never seen anything quite like that before.

Back home it was nice to be in the warm again, but the walk made me grateful that I get to see all these wonders of the world.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

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